A glorious legacy of promoting health. Over 92 years of Authentic Ayurveda.

Ayurveda which translates to "science of life" is a gift bestowed upon by the Great Sages and Rishis of our country for the overall health and well being of humanity. It's an ancient medicinal approach that draws therapeutic solutions for several ailments affecting humans from Nature & primarily from plants and herbs. The profundity of this knowledge can be fathomed by the fact that some of the significant & contemporary allopathic formulations are being designed around plant extracts mentioned in Ayurvedic Texts.

Thanks to institutions like VAN that not only have preserved this great legacy but also spreading its benefits to the world.

Founded in the year 1925 by Sri D. Venkateswarlu also known as "Vaidyaraja", Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam (VAN) continues to make pioneering efforts in unraveling the wealth of health from boundless treasure trove of Ayurveda.

By combining in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda, years of experience & modern scientific approach, VAN is providing succor to millions of ailing in India and across the world from diverse ailments with its products.

And in its presence spanning over 92 years and entered into 93rd year by Jan 2017, VAN has inspired excellent curatives that have won acclaim across medical fraternity and common people alike. The seven Gold Medals it has won for shaping most effective Ayurvedic Medicines stands as an eloquent testimony to VAN's commitment to research, quality and societal health.

Ayurvedic Medicines For Major Diseases
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